For every thousand child actors who disappear into oblivion, there are a few who make it. Being a child actor can be a cautionary tale. Many win fame much too young, grow up much too fast, and fade away before they ever really get started. 

Youth can be hard enough without the added pressures of fame and money. It's understandable why so many Corey Haims and David Cassidys have come and gone. Fame is like a vice, tightening to no end. But that doesn't mean you can't escape it.

Some of today's greatest actors were once child stars. Nobody knew it back then, but they had big careers ahead of them. Many toiled in obscurity for years, able to hone their craft professionally without the added pressures of fame. And some did it the hard way — becoming hugely famous at a young age and never failing.

These are the lucky ones — the ones who made it. They didn't all start off successful, but they sure ended up that way. These are the now-famous child stars you forgot about.