It shouldn't surprise you that many famous people have changed their names. While the reasons differ, there's a group of celebs who definitely made the switch for the better. Sometimes it makes sense to "evolve" for business reasons and sometimes it just makes sense.

Whatever these celebs' prerogatives, we agree with their big name decisions. We may not agree with the names they chose all the time, but we agree with the decision to do it. Think about someone like Nicolas Cage nee Coppola. Born with a famous name, Nicolas decided to carve out his own path in Hollywood to escape nepotism and know for himself if he was really good enough to make it.  

That's a noble reason to change your name (even if everyone knew who Cage was anyway). Other actors have lesser reasons, but we usually can't argue with the logic. Big or small, the decision to change your name is a life-altering thing.

Here's a look at a number of celebrities who fit all the above criteria. They all changed their names, and we can't blame any of them for doing so.